MAI Logo Transparent  Brandon D. Holmes, MAI has taken the following Education Courses (2 to 3 hour exam after) and Seminars for the betterment of his appraisal knowledge and experience:

Appraisal Education Course with Examination Summary
  Sponsoring Course 
Course DateTitle of CourseOrganizationHours
Sept. 12-17, 2011503GD – Advanced Concepts & Case StudiesAppraisal Institute38
Sept. 16-22, 2010510-Advanced Income CapitalizationAppraisal Institute40
Sept. 2, 2010FHA and the Appraisal ProcessAppraisal Institute7
March 26-29, 2009N400G-General Market Analysis & Highest and Best UseAppraisal Institute30
March 17-20, 2009402G-General Appraiser Site Valuation and Cost ApproachAppraisal Institute30
March 13-16, 2009410G-General Appraiser Sales Comparison ApproachAppraisal Institute30
April 19, 2009300GR-Real Estate Finance Statistics & Valuation ModelingAppraisal Institute15
Feb. 19, 2009202R-Residential Sales Comparison & Income ApproachesAppraisal Institute30
Nov. 5-8, 2007404G-General Appraiser Income Approach Pt. IIAppraisal Institute30
Oct. 30-Nov. 2, 2007403G-General Appraiser Income Approach Pt. IAppraisal Institute30
May 17-23, 2007II540-Report Writing and Valuation AnalysisAppraisal Institute40
March 22-23, 2006I410N-15 Hour National USPAPAppraisal Institute16
March 24, 2006II420N-Business Practices and EthicsAppraisal Institute8
October 24-27, 2005101GR-Basic Appraisal ProceduresAppraisal Institute30
October 17-20, 2005100GR-Basic Appraisal PrinciplesAppraisal Institute30
Total:  404
Appraisal Continuing Education Summary
Jan. 5, 20227-Hour National USPAP UpdateMcKissock7
July 21, 2021Practical Applications of the Equivalency RatioASFMRA4
May 27, 2021Desktop Appraisals & EvaluationsAppraisal Institute7
March 14, 2020Valuation of Conservation Easements & other Partial Interests in REASFMRA22
Feb. 17, 20207-Hour National USPAP UpdateMcKissock7
February 11, 20202020 MT Economic Outlook SeminarUniversity of Montana5
March 5, 2019Business Practices and Ethics (Online)Appraisal Institute5
February 12, 20192019 MT Economic Outlook SeminarUniversity of Montana5
Feb. 22, 2018Exploring Appraiser LiabilityMcKissock7
Feb. 21, 20187-Hour National USPAP UpdateMcKissock7
Feb. 19, 2017How to Recognize and Avoid Mortgage FraudMcKissock7
January 27, 20172017 MT Economic Outlook SeminarUniversity of Montana5
January 26, 20172018 MT Economic Outlook SeminarUniversity of Montana5
April 18, 2016Conservation Easement Valuation WorkshopBlue Star Ranch5
Jan. 29, 20162016 MT Economic Outlook SeminarUniversity of Montana5
Jan. 25, 20167-Hour National USPAP UpdateAppraisal Institute7
March 12, 2015Business Practices and Ethics (Online)Appraisal Institute5
March 3, 2015AgWare: UAAR Back to BasicsASFMRA7
March 29, 2014Data Verification MethodsAppraisal Institute5
March 28, 2014Analyzing Operating ExpensesAppraisal Institute7
Jan. 31, 20142014 MT Economic Outlook SeminarUniversity of Montana5
Jan. 29, 20147-Hour National USPAP UpdateAppraisal Institute7
Feb. 18, 20127-Hour National USPAP UpdateMcKissock7
July 18 – 19, 2011Attacking & Defending an Appraisal in LitigationTed Whitmer Seminars15
June 16, 2011General Demonstration Report WritingAppraisal Institute7
June 14, 2011Business Practices and Ethics (Online)Appraisal Institute5
Oct. 4, 2010Hotel Appraising – New Techniques for Today’s Uncertain TimesAppraisal Institute7
Feb. 5, 20107-Hour National USPAP UpdateAppraisal Institute7
Feb. 7, 20097-Hour National USPAP UpdateMcKissock7